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Share: FizzFoto is a blog and a platform for Computer Manipulated Photograph lovers.

You want to show your vision of the news or your different vision of a celebrity? Discover new infos and images? Share your impressions with other members?

Join and meet an international community of digital graphic artists and designers that offers exclusive Computer Manipulated Photograph, never seen in the traditional media.

Sell: FizzFoto is an intermediary between your Computer Manipulated Photograph and the worldwide media. FizzFoto negotiates for you your documents at the best prices and gives you back 40% of the revenues.

The editorial line:

The documents put online must be high quality Computer Manipulated Photograph or Photomontage.

Your photomontage should illustrate news events about to happen in a near or later future, or show a different vision of worldwide known celebrities.

Whatever you do, the persons or celebrities should always look nice and the Computer Manipulated Photograph should be positive, not negative. It should show the best side of the person and should aim to be humorous. The Photomontage should be done and in such a way that there can be no confusion between the manipulated Photograph and reality.

Remember that you should be the copyright owner of the base images you are using for your photomontage. If you do not hold copyright of the base images, you should at least have cleared copyright and have the world rights over the image. If you do not have copyright licence of the base image we will refuse your photomontage

If you see no difference between your Computer manipulated Image and a real Photograph you made it!

If your image is selected it will be sent to our distribution network.

Why choose FizzFoto to sell your images and not deal directly with the media?

You might not know the real value of your computer-manipulated images. You can be sure that our clients do! In the past, many amateur graphic designers thought they were doing a good deal by selling directly to the media their Computer Manipulated Photograph or Photomontage. Those, in reality, were often worth much more.

By selling your scoops with FizzFoto, you automatically show them to the worldwide media.

Thanks to our network (2000 clients around the world) and the FizzFoto exclusive distribution network system, you will be sure to sell your scoops to the highest bidder IN EACH COUNTRY involved and to maximize your income.

The more your picture is worth for a media, the higher your income. If your Photomontage is sold to many media, you will receive each time an income.

How does FizzFoto sell your images?

When you send FizzFoto an image you automatically grant FizzFoto an exclusive worldwide license to market that document for a period of three months.

If your image is selected, you will be contacted and you will sign a contract fixing the details of the exclusive worldwide licence to sell the photomontage. From the signature, you will agree not to publish the document anywhere else.

When the three months are up, the license becomes non-exclusive. FizzFoto will still have the right to sell your image but you will also be allowed to publish on a blog or a picture sharing site — or anywhere else at all.

Anyhow, if we consider that you might not sell your document immediately, we will tell you within the next 48 hours and your picture will be treated with a non-exclusive license and sold at fixed price on our database. Which means you can publish your document outside FizzFoto.

We appreciate that you should have the right to share your work; we only ask you to understand that we MUST have an exclusive license for really newsworthy Computer Manipulated Photograph in order to achieve the best possible deal for you.

Why does FizzFoto need an exclusive license for three months?

To understand this, imagine that all we had was a non-exclusive license. Let’s say you do a great computer manipulated Image and send it to FizzFoto. We sell it to a newspaper or magazine to publish the Photomontage on the front page of tomorrow’s edition or the next week issue of the magazine.

Naturally enough, the newspaper or magazine wants to keep this feature all to itself. Indeed, that’s precisely what they are paying for. But unless we have an exclusive license, we simply cannot guarantee this. If you or somebody acting on your behalf were to go to another newspaper or magazine and sell the same photomontage or feature (or a similar photomontage or feature), or even if you were to upload it to a photomontage-sharing site, the newspaper magazine “X” would lose its scoop and will probably refuse to pay for it.

We need an exclusive license in order to guarantee that a scoop remains a scoop. This is how you will make more money, your money!

What’s the difference between an ‘exclusive license’ and a ‘non-exclusive license’?

This is an important distinction. When you send a Computer Manipulated Photograph to, you give us a license to market that photomontage on your behalf.

You also agree that for the first three months only, nobody else — including you — will publish that photomontage in any shape or form. That’s what we mean by an exclusive license.

After three months, the license automatically becomes non-exclusive and perpetual. We will still sell your photomontage and continue to split the money from each sale with you, but you can now publish the photomontage yourself and/or agree to somebody else publishing it.

Can I change my mind after sending a Photomontage to FizzFoto?

No. When you join and send us a Photomontage, you automatically grant us an exclusive worldwide license for three months.

This is a legal agreement that cannot be revoked even if you leave After this three-month period, the license becomes non-exclusive but perpetual.

Why can’t I buy Photomontages on

FizzFoto is a blog working on a consumer to business (c to b) principle. It means that anyone over 18 is allowed to sell his scoops, but only professionals can buy it.

If everybody could see the scoops you send us, they will lose their value because they wouldn’t be scoops anymore!

I am a media and I wish to buy a Photomontage

Nothing easier! Just contact as a buyer at

How to send my Computer Manipulated Photograph to FizzFoto?

Go to “Send Us Fotos”. Write your First name and name, address, mobile phone number and your e-mail address. We only accept Computer Manipulated Photograph if you have filled the fields with your name, e-mail address, address and mobile phone number. To send us your Computer Manipulated Photograph, we advise you to do it from your computer to make the identification easier.

What is the maximum size for my Computer Manipulated Photograph?

We accept heavy files, up to 200 Mo. Please do not compress Computer Manipulated Photograph before sending them, and we prefer an optimal quality.

Sending your Computer Manipulated Photograph can take some time depending of the size and your Internet connection.

Why can’t I put more than 10 Computer Manipulated Photograph in a series of images?

Most scoops represent three to ten Computer Manipulated Photograph. It is important for the FizzFoto community, as well as for our clients, to go straight to the point and see precisely what the documents are about.

If you have a big series with more than 10 Computer Manipulated Photograph to offer, write it down in the description when you upload the Computer Manipulated Photograph, you will send it in two times to FizzFoto.

Under what format send my Computer Manipulated Photograph?

We accept most formats used nowadays.

For your Computer Manipulated Photograph: JPEG, JPG, TIF, TIFF; RAW and PSD)

Photomontage resolution: 300 DPI and 2500 pixels by 3300 pixels minimum

How to make sure you received my Computer Manipulated Photograph?

Only if your Photomontage is selected, you will receive an email confirming our editorial committee has chosen and validated your documents

What Computer Manipulated Photograph are published and sold in priority?

The images of worldwide famous celebrities showed differently (aged, caricatured and so on)

The images showing any worldwide famous event before it is happening (marriage of famous celebrities, new movie and so on…).

Please check our blog and make sure your features are different than the one’s already made by FizzFoto. If they are similar we will not take them.

Why send all my series of Photomontage on the same subject?

It’s quite possible that you’ll create several Computer Manipulated Photograph of the same event. It is essential that you send is ALL your series of Computer Manipulated Photograph. The exclusive licence must be granted for all the images created on a same subject.

Imagine that you send us just one or few photomontage from the series and we sell them to a newspaper with exclusive rights. The newspaper publishes the photomontage on its front page believing it has a scoop (and paying for it accordingly).

But unknown to us or to the newspaper, you approach a different publication and sell a similar photomontage that shows the same thing from, let’s say, a different angle of your Art Creation.

The first newspaper is going to be unhappy (the second one too!) and claim their money back.

This is why you must always send an entire series to us. If there are too many Computer Manipulated Photograph to send at one time, send us a representative example and tell us that you have more of the same.

How many Computer Manipulated Photograph can I send?

You can send as many documents as you wish. Your images will be validated after being verified and validated by our editorial committee, depending on their qualities and interest.

What information do you need when I send you my Computer Manipulated Photograph?

An image can be validated ONLY if we do have all the necessary information.

You must, at least, tell us the following information in the IPTC field of the image:

* Who is on the picture, and what we see on the photomontage

* What is or will be the event (precise location) and when it will happen (what day, what hour)

In the note field of the blog tell us:

* Why you think it might be of interest for Magazines and newspapers?

(When you send a Computer Manipulated Photograph to our website, you have the opportunity to write down all these information)

IMPORTANT: Newspapers and magazines have “deadlines” and cannot wait to have the answers to their questions. It is necessary, in order to sell your document, to be quick to answer our questions and be reachable by email or phone.

My Computer Manipulated Photographs have too many pixels; they are too blurry or too dark… can I send them?

FizzFoto only takes good quality images to offer the best Computer Manipulated Photographs to their members and to the media.

If your Computer Manipulated Photographs are too compressed, too blurry, too dark, have too many pixels or if the computer manipulation is too obvious, the editorial committee of FizzFoto will not validate them and will reject them..

Do you alter my Computer Manipulated Photograph?

We may resize, crop, tweak, sharpen, recolor and otherwise enhance a photomontage for publication, and indeed any publisher may do the same. However, we always keep an original unaltered copy of every photomontage you send us.

Can I send my photomontage records?

If you do a transformation on a famous celebrity, it should be done on a base of a recent image. Remember that you should own the copyright of the base you are using for your photomontage. If you do not hold copyright you should at least have cleared copyright and have the world rights over the image.

What are the images best sold?

FizzFoto sells Computer Manipulated Photograph to worldwide media. Most often, they are Computer Manipulated Photograph that are linked to news events about to happen in a near or later future. The best sold are the Computer Manipulated Photograph involving world famous celebrities.

Whatever you do the celebrity should look nice and the Computer Manipulated Photograph should be positive, not negative. It should show a very positive image of the celebrity and it has to be done within a humoristic context. If you aged them they must look attractive and beautiful, if you caricature them they must look beautiful and funny! If you see no difference between your Computer manipulated Image and a real Photograph you made it!

Do not send FizzFot features that we have already done! They will be rejected.

How are my images sold?

When you send us Computer Manipulated Photograph, it has to be validated by our editorial committee (give us as many details as possible!).

Once it’s validated and if it’s considered as a scoop, it will be immediately proposed to our clients, media houses around the world. We will then negotiate the best price for you (and for us!) and you will earn 40% of the revenues.

If your documents are not considered as a proper “scoop”, but your digital art images have been selected, they will be added to our image bank, immediately available to our clients around the world.

We’ll do our best to sell the photomontage again and again on a non-exclusive basis to different publications, thanks to our image bank and our distribution network at a fixed price.

The “scoop” effect may be over but a Computer Manipulated Image can still be valuable. How often have you seen the same photomontage appear in different papers or magazines? Each time it does, the owner gets paid.

When you join that could be you!

Each and every time we make a sale, you get up to 40% of the revenues!

The Computer Manipulated Photograph remains your property at all times. In legalese, you retain the copyright.

Why sell your images in series?

Except for single themes such as the solar eclipse or Michael Jackson real face in FizzFoto archives database, the experience proved that this is much more valuable for the photomontage itself to be incorporated in a series than being marketed alone. If you show a celebrity aged, the magazine (and the audience) wants to see many of them.

Once the series has been marketed and sold, FizzFoto might sell single photomontages of the series through its archives database. But that will not be the same price.

By putting your documents in one series, your scoop is worth more by offering the exclusivity to one media. Indeed, if you sell Computer Manipulated Photograph of the same series to many newspapers for example, it won’t be a scoop anymore, since many of them will share the information. What they are interested in, it is generally the exclusivity and get the best Computer Manipulated Photograph, which allows them to increase their sales.

How will I know when my document is published?

We will send you an email every time we have a deal, to confirm the price, and will do our best to send you the intended publication date.

You will receive a monthly statement of uncollected, 25 days after the end of the month reported.

Do I have any say over where you sell my photomontage?

No. Sellers and buyers remain anonymous. You will be advised of he final fee agreed by FizzFoto

When will I be informed that my document has been sold?

You will be informed by the monthly statement of uncollected sales, sent 25 days after the end of the month reported.

How will I get paid?

Once Fizzfoto is paid by the client or agent, you will receive a collected royalties statements that will be automatically transferred to the details provided in the world exclusive license.

You will get paid directly into your PayPal account if you have one (if not: free subscription on ).

If your country is not eligible on Paypal, we will transfer the money directly by electronic transfer straight into your bank account.

Please note that we will never ask for your credit card number.

What are the fees for FizzFoto?

FizzFoto doesn’t keep any fixed fee. We will keep a commission of 60 % on the sale price.

I am a professionnal, can I sell my scoops on

Of course, you just have to give us your contact details when you subscribe.

Can I send prints, slides, negatives, CDs or DVDs?

No we only take digital Images

Authenticity of the Computer Manipulated Photograph!

FizzFoto only offers original, authentic Computer Manipulated Photograph to the media. We do not sale real Photograph. It is useless to send us real photograph

How can I join

We welcome everybody, but you must be aged 18 or older. You can join no matter where you live, as we are interested in selling Computer Manipulated Photograph all around the world. In fact, we currently have members from dozens of different countries.

How much does membership cost?


Why do you need my contact details?

We need to be sure that you are who you say you are. In some cases, we may need to contact you by email or by phone, particularly if our editorial committee has worries about the authenticity or legality of your photomontage.

Plus, of course, we have to be able to pay you!

Why do you need my mobile phone number?

If you want to send us your Computer Manipulated Photograph

We may have to contact you quickly if we need further details about a photomontage and if you don’t answer emails fast enough, thanks to automatic SMS or phone call. This is almost always easier if we have your mobile number rather than trying to track you down at home or at work.

We might send a text message to your mobile phone when you send your Computer Manipulated Image to

Please be assured that we will NEVER send spam SMS, MMS or email to your mobile phone, or allow anybody else to do so. We keep your number confidential and will not reveal it to anybody.

Will you sell or rent or abuse in any way my personal details if I join?


How can I modify my address?

You can modify your address by sending an email to

How can I modify my Computer Manipulated Photograph?

One you send us your documents, you can no longer modify them. We remind you that FizzFoto only accepts authentic, non-altered Computer Manipulated Photograph.

How can I modify my personal details?

You can send us an e-mail at

I do not wish to be a FizzFoto member anymore.

We would be terribly sorry if it were the case. But it were your intention, you just have to write us a mail. We will answer to confirm that your personal information details have been deleted

Attention: If you sent us a document for the last three months, the license is still active for the initial time planned, even if you leave FizzFoto. This allows the clients to be protected when buying through FizzFoto. You found, so will your customers. It's a great label for your website and will help you define your identity on the Web.