Posted on March 19th, 2009 in FIZZfoto

A peek into the future

Created in 1998, Avantis Pictures, now FizzFoto, offers the possibility to create photos that are impossible to take - pictures of events before they even take place. Thanks to several software packages, for image- retouching and morphing, the only limit is your imagination.

FizzFoto is a small group of artists, graphic designers and artistic directors. At FizzFoto everything is digital, no laboratory, no print and no reel. The key words are humour, anticipation, imagination and creativity.

Taking advantage of the simultaneous rise in digital photography and celebrity press, FizzFoto orientates its production in two directions.

The “Third Eye” makes photos of the impossible; creating concepts, which cannot be photographed. For example how would Michael Jackson’s true face look and how would he appear today if he had not undergone any plastic surgery? How would the beautiful actress Demi Moore look, if “Mother nature” had provided her with male chromosomes and attributes? And how would Prince Philippe and Prince Albert of Monaco look with hair?

Naturally, our pictures are caricatures and can not be mistaken with reality whatsoever. Photomontages and Computer Manipulated Images consist in deforming reality, exclusively for entertainment purposes; avoiding any possibility of confusion in the public’s mind.

FizzFoto’s second activity, ‘Photos of the future’ consists of anticipating phenomena and events to come, and illustrating this forecast.

For example, on July 23, 1999, Avantis Pictures created a ‘preview satellite image’ of the solar eclipse which occurred three weeks later, on August 11, 1999. This resulted in more than 150 double pages all over the world. Avantis Pictures also imagined the union of Prince Charles and Camilla Parker-Bowles before it really took place. These images were seen around the world on numerous covers of famous celebrity magazines.

So, in an amusing and artistic context, we try to cultivate beauty, without damaging in any way, the image of our subjects.

We have met with success all over Europe, the US, Australia and Japan. We have, an identified a public, who must be able to express his expectations and needs, a demanding public who has the right to see an image that photography can not offer.

Our blog is there to link a community of people who want to join us to imagine the future and to anticipate possible events with images.

Together we shall exchange our concept on the ‘Art of seeing things differently’.

Welcome in the Third Dimension of FizzFoto. Let’s fizz together!

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